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Office of the President, Michael A. McRobbie

Cyberinfrastucture Building (CIB) construction tour

  • On March 3, President McRobbie toured the construction site for Indiana University Bloomington&rsquo;s new Cyberinfrastructure Building (CIB), a 123,000-square-foot facility at the corner of 10th Street and Indiana State Road 45/46. When completed, the facility will serve as the cutting-edge headquarters of IU&rsquo;s technology staff and join the recently constructed Data Center and Innovation Center as the foundation for the university&rsquo;s expanding technology park. To learn more about the new CIB, go to <a href="" id="CIB at IU" name="CIB at IU" title="CIB at IU" target="_blank"></a>. 
  • Reviewing plans for the CIB are (from left to right): President McRobbie, Vice President for Capital Projects and Facilities Tom Morrison, Vice President for Information Technology Brad Wheeler, and Karen Adams, chief of staff for the Office of the President. 
  • From left to right: Vice President for Capital Projects and Facilities Tom Morrison and President McRobbie stand in front of one of the large glass windows that will allow for maximum use of available daylight for illumination in the new CIB. 
  • President McRobbie chats with Vice President for Information Technology Brad Wheeler, who has said that the new CIB will meet the &ldquo;growing IT demands of one of the nation&rsquo;s leading universities.&rdquo; 
  • Vice President for Information Technology Brad Wheeler … already at work in the new CIB. 
  • A crane outside the new CIB, which will offer 630 workspaces for IU Bloomington-based staff, 50 &ldquo;hotel&rdquo; workspaces for IUPUI-based colleagues, and numerous conference rooms and other workshop spaces. The facility is expected to be ready for occupancy by September 2011. 
  • At the April 2010 groundbreaking for the CIB, McRobbie said the innovative facility will provide &ldquo;a functional space that will enable staff to collaborate more easily, share resources and generate ideas. Staff at the CIB will support the educational and research missions of the entire university …&rdquo;